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 Dr. Lenhart's MT III Technology (English Language Version)



A new and unique concept of insoles

Millions of years ago, our ancestors developed feet that enabled them to walk and they began standing up straight. This evolutionary development established the conditions for locomotion that is efficient and gentle on the joints.

The disorders found in modern movement behaviors lead to an overloading of our joint structures and a minimization of our athletic capacity in running and other types of sports endeavors.

The solution: an innovative athletic insole developed by antropodo and based on a concept by Dr. Lenhart that reinstates the foot’s original function and natural rolling. Moreover, the pad stimulates the foot in a highly precise manner so that the entire body immediately aligns. 

These insoles are now better than ever as a result of research into effectiveness and fit optimization. Superb quality, extremely durable, and compatible with any shoe.

The solution is finally here: everyone interested in athletics has the opportunity to optimize their performance - with Dr. Lenhart’s MT III sports insoles.

What does the innovative effect of MT III technology look like in reality?

The economy of motion gained through this insole increases endurance and enables athletic performance to skyrocket.

Moreover, these insoles protect joints by restoring the foot’s impact absorption function.

Dr. Lenhart's insoles influence the entire body, returning it to natural posture.

Developed and handcrafted in Bavaria. They even come with a 1-year warranty.

Dr. Lenhart's MT III sports insoles: "Fine-tuning for athletic footwear"!


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