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 Dr. Lenhart's MT III-Technology: innovative performance insoles


A new and unique concept for performance insoles

Over millions of years evolution has optimized our athletic performance. Through minimal but precise and targeted support we help athletes to fully use this potential.

Dr. Lenhart's MT III-Technology is an innovative and worldwide unique concept of athletic insoles for athletic footwear, which can optimize your overall economy of motion – increasing endurance and enabling athletic performance to skyrocket.

A small singular pad reinstates the foot’s original function and natural rolling, protecting the joints by restoring the foot’s impact absorption function. Moreover, the pad stimulates the foot in a highly precise manner so that the entire body immediately aligns, returning it to natural upright posture – the condition for locomotion that is efficient and gentle on the joints.

One pad – two effects

Dr. Lenhart's concept is based on a single pad, precisely located – with two immediate effects:

1.) Mechanical Effect

› Support of the central pivot point of the foot

› Restoration of natural rolling motion


2.) Reflex Effect

› Muscular stabilization of the natural foot function

› Stimulation of overall  body erection / natural upright posture

Muscular stabilization of knees, hips & spine

Dr. Lenhart's performance insoles for athletic footwear / Einlegesohlen für Sportschuhe

German Wertarbeit

Dr. Lenhart's insoles are extremely flat (only 3mm thin), highly flexible and thus compatible with any shoe.

Dr. Lenhart's athletic insoles are prefabricated, adjusted solely according to foot length (no further customization is necessary).

Dr. Lenhart's insoles are handcrafted in Germany from modern high quality materials. They are extremely durable and they come with a one year warranty, regardless of mileage.

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