Natural Running

Superflat, extra flexible: the perfect insoles for minimal shoes and barefoot shoes

The goal of Dr. Lenhart's MT III-Technologyis the optimization of the natural rolling-off process and the restoration of the original foot function that was developed over millions of years. As a functional unit of 32 muscles & tendons, 26 bones, 107 ligaments our foot provides for:

            • locomotion
            • suspension / damping
            • energy recovery
            • decongestion
            • vital sensomotor feedback and information for our upright posture, sense of balance and bodily coordination.

The better our feet can feel the terrain, the better and the more natural are the reactions and movements of our body. Dr. Lenhart's MT III-insoles are unique because they can actively restore the foot dynamics and the mobile stability of the foot arches which are necessary for healthy natural running – without inhibiting the foot's freedom, mobility and sensory functions - thanks to their extra flat and flexible design.


Natural running for beginners

 Dr. Lenhart's MT III-insoles can also be of great help if you only begin running in barefoot shoes / minimal shoes: our uniquely thin insoles support and activate the foot without restricting it, and effortlessly make it roll off in a correct and natural way. This facilitates the initially unfamiliar running without the stabilization and cushioning of conventional running shoes, and helps you finding your way into a whole new world of healthy, natural running.