Tune your running Shoes

MT III Technology can give you more endurance and running economy

Working with only one precisely located and highly specific trigger point, Dr. Lenhart's MT III-insoles are based on the theory of evolution and offer a wide range of benefits for runners:

      • Instant optimization of the rolling-off process of the foot
      • Improved shock absorption and suspension (muscular activation of transversal and longitudinal arches, regaining of physiological pronation movement)
      • Orthograde re-adjustment of knees, hip, pelvis, spine and shoulders for overall improved biomechanical coordination
      • Better arm swing
      • Improved decongestion of foot and leg muscles
      • Overall optimized motion economy

Dr. Lenhart's MT III Technology performance insoles are developed and hand-crafted in Germany from state-of-the-art materials

Durable. Sustainable. Unique. Suitable for most running shoes – even for minimal / "barefoot shoes".

No customization and individual adjustment necessary: simply order according to your foot length.

Highest quality: two years guarantee – independent of mileage!

"When running, the little 'knob' in the sole feels like it keeps hitting a button that releases a powerful spring;

running becomes more effortless and my legs simply feel better..."

Stephan Mayer  (Ultra runner / Deca-Ultra Triathlete)

Run smarter: be it Marathon, Halfmarathon, 10k, 5k, Trailrunning, Crossrunning, Urban Trail, Natural Running, Swimrun / ÖtillÖ, Ultratrail, Ultrarunning, Duathlon or Triathlon (with the only insole that works in running shoes as well as in cycling shoes!)...