Tune your running Shoes

  The point for more power, endurance & running economy

Optimized rolling-off process


Improved shock absorption & suspension


Orthograde alignment

of knees, hip & pelvis


Better arm swing


Increased O₂ intake


Better decongestion of the leg muscles

"When running, the little 'knob' in the sole feels like it kept hitting a button that releases a powerful spring;

running becomes more effortless and the legs simply feel better..."

Stephan Mayer   (Ultra runner / Deca-Ultra Triathlete)

Run smarter: be it Marathon, Halfmarathon, 10k, 5k, Trailrunning, Crossrunning, Urban Trail, Natural Running, Swimrun, Ultratrail, Ultrarunning, Duathlon or Triathlon (with the only insole that works in running shoes as well as in cycling shoes!)...

Insoles with Dr. Lenhart's MT III-Technology: Tune your race.

Developed for sports medicine and performance athletes. No customization and individual adjustment required. Simply order according to your foot length.

High-quality. Modern high-end materials. Durable. Sustainable. Unique.

Developed and handcrafted in Germany.