In sports, our feet are subjected to particularly high loads, while at the same time we expect maximum performance from them. Dr. Lenhart's MT III technology achieves the orthograde alignment of the foot bones as they were originally designed, by a minimal, but precise, adjustment. The result: improved overall motor coordination and an equalization of mechanical load. The altered muscle tension in the foot structure causes a tightening of the plantar aponeurosis, strengthening of the Mm. peronei and stabilization of M. vastus medialis.


In athletic practice, this means for runners: the foot can roll forward physiologically and gently, with a powerful propulsion from the toes. Optimized shock absorption and suspension relieve the entire musculoskeletal system. Via the functional chain, knee and hip are re-adjusted so that they can best work together biomechanically - an effect which also benefits performance-oriented cyclists.