Racket, Ball, Club

As we know today, it took quite a long time from the development of the upright gait up to the use of tools and advanced cultural phenomena - a development in which the anatomical possibilities of the hand and the size and complexity of the brain influenced and strengthened each other. Evolutionary prerequisites for the ability to throw objects fast and with accuracy, as well as for the precise handling of objects, was the "liberation" of the upper limbs by the erection of the human body.


In addition to the full restoration of the foot function, Dr. Lenhart's MT III technology can immediately create a reflex reaction across the entire functional chain of the body. As in the history of evolution, an improvement in the musculoskeletal system of the lower limbs has remarkable consequences up to shoulders, arms, and hands. For racket sports such as tennis and squash, as well as for golf, basketball / handball and similar sporting activities, that means more power, coordination and control.


Orthograde erection of the body, and release of hip, back and shoulders also can effectively prevent injuries in sports, where extreme rotational loads of the trunk or frequent back overlays can damage the spine. In tennis, squash, basketball and handball, Dr. Lenhart's MT III technology has proved itself as a preventive measure against ankle injuries (supination trauma), which often result from constant rapid changes in direction and tempo.