Information for doctors

 In contrast to almost all conventional orthopedic insoles, Dr. Lenhart's MT III technology addresses the root of foot, where the prehensile foot of the primate has changed most significantly in the development of the human foot. In doing so, it mobilizes the active walking-foot, instead of simply supporting the existing weak points of the statically measured standing-foot.


MT III technology supports the active transversal arch of the human foot exactly at its "evolutionary erection point" (Dr. med. Peter Lenhart), at the functional origin of the 3rd ray (thus "MT III"), the foot's central axis of motion. Foot and knee joints are re-centered, so the foot can swing and roll off physiologically again.


In many patients an immediate reflexive straightening of the whole body is visible, bringing noticeably enhanced force in the upper limb, free cervical spine and head rotation, more elasticity (resolution of compensatory flexion patterns, initiation of natural posture and movement patterns).


The proprioceptive stimulation of the short foot muscles and the tension-increasing pressure on the plantar aponeurosis improve the venous blood flow ("toe and foot sole pump").


Furthermore, MT III technology can improve sensomotorics for optimized feedback, enhanced coordination, improved balance, and increased surefootedness. Bones and joints are relieved by optimized suspension, orthograde alignment and improved muscular guidance. This can help reduce the risk of injury in training and everyday life - the activation of the Mm. Peronei can effectively prevent supination trauma.

In practice

In practice, Dr. Lenhart's MT III technology has been successfully applied

  • for Back pain (esp. low back pain) & var. other spine disorders
  • for the prevention of torsions and supination traumata
  • for patellofemoral pain syndrome ("runner's knee")
  • for the relief of thoracic kyphoses
  • for statically caused knee and hip problems
  • for hallux valgus, plantar fascitis, heel spur (with modified insole)
  • for general strengthening of the erecting musculature.
  • preventing falls in elderly patient


 Contraindicated for patients with spastic feet or polyneuropathies!