Common disease back pain

There are few places imaginable, where we would be further from the conditions for which our anatomy has been optimized over millenniums, than in our modern workplaces. It does not matter if we are walking, standing or even sitting while we work: we are constantly underexercising, with mostly unsuitable footwear and on unnaturally even and hard flooring. The consequences are only too well known: postural damage, muscular imbalances, spine disorders. Back pain is one of the most common diseases: 70% of Germans claim to be afflicted at least once a year, it is the second most common cause of medical visits.



In everyday life as well as in sports, Dr. Lenhart's MT III technology has proven its effectiveness: by re-optimizing the evolutionary foot function, resolution of compensatory flexion patterns, and reflexive straightening of the body, it can often lead to fast and noticeable improvements. Upright and painless standing, walking and sitting, a more efficient workflow, greater endurance and generally increased well-being: you can benefit not only in sports, but also in your worktime.