How could a comparatively weak creature without fangs and claws become the most successful hunter on earth? An important reason for success was the early ability to walk upright, but especially the ability of endurance walking and running. This allowed for the development of Persistence Hunting strategies, but also for an increasing expansion of hunting grounds and finally of the habitat until early man had settled the entire planet.


This capacity for terrestrial long-distance locomotion, in which man is superior to every other mammal, is due not least to his advanced foot structure. The foot provides suspension / damping, and, moreover,  it can briefly store and reuse potential and kinetic energy in elastic structures. Dr. Lenhart's MT III technology can help restore these functions by supporting the active transverse arch, and by its reflex effect on the Achilles tendon. This provides more endurance and less fatigue when walking and running - a clear advantage in all sports, where constant performance is required over a long period of time.


And those trekking / hiking over hill and dale will experience a significantly improved surefootedness thanks to optimized sensomotor feedback. A further advantage in the mountains: through its effect on the entire functional chain of the lower extremity, Dr. Lenhart's MT III insoles can reduce or even completely eliminate knee problems that often arise from walking downhill.