Dr. med. Peter Lenhart   (*1935   †2013)

Dr. med. Peter Lenhart als Cheforthopäde der Deutschen Olympiamannschaft bei den Olympischen Sommerspielen 1992 in Barcelona
Olympic Summer Games Barcelona, 1992

Dr. med. Peter Lenhart was a specialist for orthopedics, sports medicine and physical therapy. He is widely regarded as the mentor of modern sports physiotherapy and was a co-founder of the DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation) sports physiotherapy education in the 1970s. As head physician of the highly successful German Fencing Federation, he contributed to sports history at numerous European Championships, World Championships, and Olympic Games.


Working over decades with the most outstanding athletes of his time, he developed a deep

understanding of the peak performances the human body is capable of – and of the disorders of the

musculoskeletal system that prevent it from achieving the optimum.


When he realized that a great number of these disorders resulted basically from an impairment of

bodily erection, he focused on the evolutionary biological question how the erect upright gait could

have developed at all. What were the requirements? In which specific order did these evolutionary

stages take place? And how important in this overall development was the evolution of the foot – from the primate's climbing foot to the advanced walking and running foot of the human species?


The result of his research was the groundbreaking idea, that supporting/stimulating the "evolutionary erection point" of the foot could be the most effective lever to fully restore the function of the foot and to regain the full erection of the whole body and it's upright gait - with minimum intervention and effort. In Dr. Lenhart's MT III technology, which he developed from the beginning of the 2000s and continued to improve until his death, he accumulated his vast knowledge and experience gained in decades of work and research, from his own medical practice as well as from competitive sports. His scientific legacy was a novel and completely unorthodox form of insole technology, which is based on basic principles of human evolution and thus can achieve the greatest effect with minimal effort.

A life in sports

Dr. med. Peter Lenhart (1935-2013), Facharzt für Orthopädie, Sportmedizin, Physikalische Therapie, Cheforthopäde der deutschen Olympiamannschaft bei den Olympischen Spielen Barcelona 1992, Verbandsarzt Deutscher Fechterbund 1980-1998


  • Specialist for orthopedics, sports medicine and physical therapy
  • Team physician of "TSV 1860 Munich" soccer team 1968-1973
  • Head physician & team physician of the German Fencing Federation (DFeB) 1980-1998
  • Chairman of the teaching board "Sportphysiotherapie im DOSB" 1984-2010
  • Team physician of the German National Fencing team at  numerous international, European and World Championchips, and at the 1988 (Seoul), 1992 (Barcelona) and 1996 (Atlanta) Olympics
  • Chief orthopedist of the entire German Olympic Team at the 1992 summer Olympics in Barcelona
  • Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit) am Bande 2008
  • DOSB Badge of Merit for Sports physiotherapy 2010

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